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TotalFinder 1.10.3 Crack is best software for Mac. Which add-on gets loaded into the finder whey you launch. It does not modify your finder file on the disk. It is standalone application. Therefore, it might break with future Finder updates. But when launched it changes the current instance of Finder running in your computer memory. I call this process TotalFinder injection into Finder.

TotalFinder 1.10.3 Keygen application delivers exceptional performance, user-friendly interface, compact and does not require a system reboot after installation. The list of improvements also includes additional tools for getting clients from the file collection. Finally, The program allows the user to quickly get rid of the file format .ds_store, accumulated on the hard disk. Updated TotalFinder also allows you to hide or show invisible files, and a new Explorer window can now be opened at any time using the appropriate “hot” keys, and more.


TotalFiner 1.10.3 Serial Key

TotalFinder 1.10.3 Serial Key works, there is always a minor risk. Our entire team uses TotalFinder on a daily basis so we spot problems very quickly. So far, Finder updates have generally introduced minor changes. This software is free of cost on our site so download it and enjoy with latest features. I am committed to keeping As well as TotalFinder serial key compatible with Apple’s updates. This program is universally acclaimed navigational for your mac. It is so convenient, you won’t believe you ever lived without them. My goal is to improve Finder in areas. It is tested to work in OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later.


  • Fixed Cut&Paste issue when pasting a file on Desktop
  • Compatibility with Finder 1.10.1
  • Fixed slow start after system reboot.
  • Fixed wrong tab context menu position
  • Tab-based interface: Say goodbye to scattered, disorganized Finder windows. Work flow is friendly.
  • Hidden files live there, too. By default Finder does not display hidden (system) files. Adds a keyboard shortcut to toggle display of files.
  • System-wide access : Convenience is key: With the stroke of a hot-key, it’s available instantly.
  • Folders on Top: By default Finder does not separate folders ,files and displays them mixed together as you can see on the left.
  • Colored Labels like in the old times: It enable highlighting items with colors. An item’s color is determined by the tag applied to it. Apply multiple tags.
  • Helpful tweaks: TotalFinder’s Folders on Top feature takes file organization to a new level. Just click the option in the Preferences menu and your much-needed folders.
  • What is Dual Mode? Dual mode is a special mode where TotalFinder license key displays two Finder windows side-by-side. It is a view similar to what can be seen in classic dual-panel file managers. When you want to easily move files from one panel to the other.
  • Reduce clutter: OS X’s Finder has a bad habit of cluttering your system with hidden attribute files. It emphasizes cleanliness. and eliminating superfluous.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor, RAM 2 GB ,500 MB Disk Space

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